Hello!  I am Michal.  I married my husband Alex in September of 2007, after dating for six years.  We are very easy-going and enjoy playing sports together. alex-and-i In July of 2011 we welcomed our first baby girl, Avery, she is very energetic and has her daddy’s personality!

In October of 2012 we welcomed our second baby girl, Raegan, who is very laid back, but watch out if you make her mad, she will make sure everyone knows!


In October of 2013 we decided we would try one more time for a baby boy, and in January we were completely surprised to find out at our first doctors appointment that we were expecting twins!  Wow!  We are so excited and truly blessed by God!

All of us

We are now a family of six!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to thank you for your post on recovery after your diastasis correction. My belly looks EXACTly like yours. My story is similar to yours as well–four kids, lastly surprise twins. Learned just today that this surgery is a recommendation for me. In a desperate search to find info, I clicked on the photo of the belly that looks just like mine and found this great write up from you about your journey through initial recovery. How long has it been now? How are things? Have your thoughts about the surgery changed at all?
    Lovely family. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you, I’m so glad I did this post as you are not the first person that has contacted me.
      I am 7 months post op. Overall I feel great and have been doing everything I did before the surgery. I started working out again which was weird at first to use those muscles that haven’t been used in awhile, but you get used to the weird feeling after awhile! Occasionally my incision will be sensitive, specifically on my sides, and I wonder if it’s because it’s on a stretch mark. My thoughts have not changed at all about my surgery. I am so glad I did it! I tried getting in to shape after my second pregnancy but could never get rid of my ugly belly, and now know that it was never going to go away without this surgery. My back even feels better now that my core is able to do its job again! I hope this all helps and would be happy to answer any other questions.

  2. Hi Michal!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Mine is sooooo similar, only with 4 boys! My little guys are 5, 1 and 4 months (twins). Right now I’m going through the process (again) of meeting with a plastic surgeon to fix my diastasis recti and hernia. I originally planned to get all of this fixed Feb of this year…but then we found out about twins. So, now that hubby and I are officially done having kids I plan to get it done sometime next summer, after I’m all done nursing the twins. I waswondering if you could giveme any advice on getting your insurance to cover the tummy tuck portion. Despite my tummy having at least a hand width gap, my surgeon doesn’t think that insurance will cover it. For the twin pregnancy I gained 34 pounds, close to 14lbs of it was baby…so my belly was huge. Right now I’ve lost all the pregnancy weight plus 10lbs, but still look about 4/5months preggo. I think my case is pretty extreme. So any advice you could give would be great. Thanks again so much!


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