What have we been up to!


Avery started Kindergarten!  She has absolutely loved school and is excited about learning.img_3303 img_3304 img_3307 img_3309img_3314

Raegan started her second year of Preschool.  She only goes two days a week but enjoys it and has asked why she can’t go every day like Avery.img_3316 img_3326 img_3327


Avery got glasses!  She had her well child checkup and she read the eye chart and they recommended we get her eyes checked.  Sure enough this girl needed glasses.  We picked out some dark purple Princess glasses and she is so cute!!img_7256

Alex and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary!an092016


Raegan turned 4!  We celebrated with an Olaf party at the park!

Avery blew her candles out?!

Avery blew her candles out?!

Raegan and I had a mommy/daughter day. We went to the doctors for a well child checkup, lunch, and Build a Bear to use her gift card from her birthday.  She got two monsters!  Olaf and monsters are this girls favorite things right now!img_7345 img_7348 img_7350 img_7352

Avery and Raegan each had field trips to the Pumpkin Patch.img_7428 img_7425

We went to the Rutledge-Wilson Farm for the fall festival.img_7477 img_7483 img_7489 img_7491

Trick or Treating! Supergirl, Olaf, Thing 1, & Thing 2img_3330 img_3336 img_3339 img_3343 img_3347 102016


We started the process of breaking the twins of their binkys.

We cut the tips off the binky

We cut the tips off the binky

We put the Christmas tree up!img_7969


We’ve had some Christmas Programs

Avery was in charge of pictures!

Avery was in charge of pictures!


Christmas morningimg_3368 img_3372 img_3374 img_3377 img_3380 img_3383

It has been a busy couple of months!  I get so busy with everyday life and blogging completely slips my mind.  I know many of you like to know what the girls have been up to and how big they have gotten.  Maybe I will find a good way to keep up with the blog eventually!

I started this post after Christmas and I am just now getting it finished up!  Hopefully I can at least get in some monthly posts!



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