24 months

We just celebrated the twins 2nd Birthday!

These two sweet girls are growing up too fast.IMG_3262

Skylee @ 24 months:

Weight: 23 lbs 8 oz – (18 month: 21 lbs 8 oz)
Height:  34 1/4 in – (18 month: 32 in)
Head: 47 in (18 month: 46 in)

Rylee @ 24 months:

Weight: 22 lbs 11 oz – (18 month: 20 lbs 12 oz)
Height:  33 3/4 in – (18 month: 32 1/2 in)
Head: 46 1/2 in (18 month: 46 in)

These measurements are not the most accurate, but the doctor didn’t feel the need to have the nurse try and measure the twins again.  I should have taken some backup to this doctors appointment.  These girls wanted nothing to do with sitting on the scale or laying down on the table so they could do their measurements!  Crying and a good death grip around my neck made things really hard to get done!  Once the doctor came in they had gotten a little more comfortable and did great for him and didn’t cry at all.

Where the wilds things are Birthday thene

Where the wilds things are
Birthday theme

Where we are at this month:


These girls are in full toddler mode when it comes to play.  They are running, climbing, and jumping!  They were climbing out of their cribs so much we finally broke down and transitioned them to toddler beds.  This has been a somewhat easy transition.  The main issue is during nap time they will play and play and sometimes not get their nap.  They have enjoyed going to the pool this summer.  Once they got comfortable being in the water they loved just floating around and playing in the water.

As of lately their favorite toys are baby dolls.  They will change the dolls diaper and feed them bottles.  They hold them with care and will even bounce them.  It’s the cutest thing!

Strollers from Grandma!

Strollers from Grandma!

Food has been an issue lately.  All of the sudden they wont eat meat??  I’m thinking its just a phase, maybe brought on by teething, but hoping it passes soon.  We offer them meat whenever we eat it, but once it is in their mouth they will spit it out and say “Yuck”!  Sometimes they will eat chicken nuggets but not always.  They still eat fruits and most veggies we’ve offered them pretty good.
Not in the mood for pictures!

Not in the mood for pictures!


They have been sleeping good for the most part.  We have the occasional waking at night but I don’t typically have to do anything.  They sometimes fall out of bed, which I hate, but keep in mind they are in toddler beds which are very low to the ground.  I also have their baby quilts on the floor folded in half so its a cushioned fall!IMG_3267

Skylee –

Miss Skylee has definitely taken on the role of being the big sister with Rylee.  She cares for her in such a sweet way.  She gives the funniest facial expressions and gets that from her Daddy!  Sky has quite the attitude for a 2 year old.  Sometimes its funny, but most of the time its like “really? already?!”  She is usually the first to run to daddy when he gets home!  Her and Avery have a lot in common!  Both Daddy’s girls and addicted to the Ipad!

Words: They have taken off in the vocabulary area so I can’t even list all the words they now say.  They are up to 2-3 word sentences.  Can repeat almost anything you say!

Teeth: 16

Likes: iphone/ipad (seriously she is obsessed!), binky (not needing as much anymore), Daddy (still daddys girl), Big Sisters (they love playing with sisters), Bugatti (she enjoys bossing him around!), outside (a favorite for all my girls), shoes (completely obsessed!)

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, being hungry, mommy or daddy leaving, when anyone steals her stuff especially the Ipad!



Rylee –

Definitely a mama’s girl!  I have to carry this girl around more than any of the others, but she is the baby of the family, so she gets a pass!  Rylee is the sweetest little girl!  She cares for others but especially sister bear!  She is more willing to give hugs, but also wants her space when she is just done with people!  Not as talkative as Skylee.  More like Raegan and on the shy side.

Words: Repeating almost anything you say

Teeth: 16

Likes:  iphone/ipad (likes to play on them, but doesn’t last long), binky (very attached), Big Sisters (loves when they play with her), Bugatti (like to sit or lay on him), climbing (will climb on/up anything), outside (adventurous), shoes (obsessed)

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, waiting to eat/being hungry, mommy leaving, teething.IMG_3291

 More birthday party pictures


This picture cracks me up!

This picture cracks me up!

Grandma comforting Rylee

Grandma comforting Rylee

Avery helped blow out the candles

Avery helped blow out the candles

IMG_3288 IMG_3289I think they cried more at this party than their first!  It started when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” so I think they were overwhelmed with everyone starring at them!


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