Valentine’s fun 2016

Trying to get the blog caught up!

The girls had a Valentine’s party at their preschool and needed to make a box for their Valentine’s.  We asked the girls what they wanted to make; Raegan of course wanted a monster and Avery wanted to do an Elsa Castle.  So one Saturday afternoon we got to work on their boxes.

Raegan and I worked on her monster box.  She helped but being only 3 I did most of the work!

Avery and the hubby worked on her Elsa castle.  Hubby’s architecture skills came in handy for this one.  We looked at some pictures online and hubby did a drawing of his idea and Avery said she didn’t like it.  So hubby asked what she wanted and Avery told him as he drew it and she was very pleased!  Then they got started.  Avery was able to help some but this was quite the castle being made and needed a lot of hubby’s help.IMG_7380 IMG_2999IMG_2998
The girls were so excited to take their boxes to preschool!


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