Young Living Thieves Cleaner

Let me tell you about my Thieves Household Cleaner along with some ways you can use this cleaner.

Thieves Household Cleaner is SERIOUSLY an all-in-one… natural cleaner that’s non-toxic, yet effective.

It’s made with 100% plant- and mineral-based ingredients, including:

  • Vegetable-based surfactants like alkyl polyglucoside that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment (DfE) standards
  • Biodegradable cutting agents like sodium methyl 2-sulfolaurate and disodium 2-sulfolaurate from renewable sources
  • Therapeutic-grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils (the highest quality and purity essential oils) that are amazing for natural cleaning


Let’s Talk Dilution Ratios:

All-purpose cleaning – 30 parts water to 1 part of Thieves Household Cleaner

Heaving degreasing –  15 parts water to 2 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Light degreasing –  60 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Glass and windows – 50-100 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Here are 20 uses for the Thieves Household Cleaner:

  1. Make your own foaming hand soap.
    • In an empty foaming hand soap container, fill 1/4 way full with Liquid Castile Soap. Add in one capful of Thieves Household Cleaner. Fill the rest with water!
  2. Clean your windows (streak free!)
  3. Clean your mirrors (streak free!)
  4. Clean your countertops (granite countertops, too!)
  5. Clean your sinks
  6. Clean your showers / tubs
  7. Clean your toilets! (I just spray right in the toilet and scrub away!)
  8. Add one capful to your laundry cycle for a boost
  9. Use as a carpet cleaner (I got a purple stain from blueberries out using Thieves and baking soda!)
  10. Clean stove tops
  11. Clean your oven
  12. Clean your floors
  13. Add a boost to your dishwasher
    • Add one capful of Thieves cleaner to the bottom of your dishwasher before a load
  14. Clean toys (I like to let them soak in the sink)
  15. Make an on-the-go hand cleaner
    • In a small, portable spray bottle, add 1/2 capful of Thieves cleaner and fill the rest with water. Shake well before each use.
  16. Clean your washing machine
    • Run a “clean” cycle or a hot cycle and add in one capful of Thieves cleaner to clean your machine and make it smelling nice again!
  17. Clean kitchen tables and chairs
  18. Clean couches and cushions
    • Again, always do a spot test before you work on a large surface
  19. Pots and pans
  20. Stain remover

There are so many more uses for this cleaner…

Young Living also has a Thieves starter kit!




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