New Year Goals

I have officially made it another year as a mom to four girls, four girls under 4 years!  These girls keep me busy, which keeps me from getting things done.  I don’t do New Years Resolutions but I do have some goals for this year.  Goals that I hope I will be more successful at keeping up with, now that the girls are getting older and a little more independent.

  • Spending more time in daily Bible study.  I have been doing my Bible study at night before I go to bed.  Well lets be honest, by that time my mind is shutting down so I’m not really getting much out of it.  I would really like to start doing this during the day, sometime in the morning or afternoon, but it is really hard to find a good time to study when you have a child constantly wanting or needing something.
  • Workout.  This one is almost as hard to get done as the Bible study.  I can’t workout when the twins are awake…I’ve tried!  The end result was me stopping minutes after starting due to a twin screaming under foot.  I hate to use nap time to workout when that is my peace and quiet time or my chance to fold laundry without the girls throwing it all on the floor!  I’m not a fan of gyms when I have a lot of options here at home; weights in the garage, Insanity, PiYo, or my newest discovery 8 minute workouts!  Evenings are hard timing around dinner, we don’t like eating after 7pm!
  • Stop yelling at my kids.  Ugh!  This is a hard one that I have been praying for patience to overcome.  On a good day the only yelling that is necessary is when I’m in another room calling for one of the girls, which isn’t really yelling.  On a bad day I feel like all I have done is yell.  I hate days like that.  Sometimes its like the older girls can only hear me if I yell or will only do what I ask when I have resorted to yelling.  Then I end my day with I-just-yelled-at-my-kid guilt.
  • Be a better mom.  Spend more time with my girls.  Let go of finishing the housework and just enjoy some time with them.  Doing what they want to do.  Plan more one on one outings with the older two, they are growing up fast!
  • Take time for myself.  This is one that I let slip by all the time.  I need to take some time away from the girls to get that refresher that a stay at home mom needs.  I always have better days with the girls when I have had some time away from them.  Grocery shopping doesn’t count!!

So these are the things I plan to work on this year.  Obviously I have a few timelines to work on but I will get this figured out!


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