15 months

The months just seem to fly by these days!  The girls are learning and doing new things everyday and I love watching how they interact with each other.  We are now seeing them communicate with each other.  I wouldn’t say they are “twin talking” just doing the normal baby talking but they do understand each other!

Skylee @ 15 months:
Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz – 17% (12 month: 17 lbs 2 oz)
Height:  30 1/4 in – 35% (12 month: 28 1/2 in)
Head: 45 1/2 in (12 month: 44 1/2 in)

Rylee @ 15 months:
Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz – 7% (12 month: 16 lbs 11 oz)
Height:  29 3/4 in – 17% (12 month: 28 3/4 in)
Head: 45 in (12 month: 44 in)


This is the first time they have been more than a couple ounces apart on their weight!  We saw our new pediatrician at this appointment.  Dr. Sears resigned and this was her replacement.  I was very happy with the new pediatrician after meeting him and watching him interact with the girls.  Appointments with twins aren’t easy when you’re alone and to add to that they are going through the separation anxiety stage and didn’t want to be put down.  The new Doctor was so patient and friendly and took the time to let the girls get comfortable with him touching them before he got started.

He was very pleased with their good health and growth.  These girls are just very petite!2017

Teething has slowed down a bit.  We got a small break but I have a feeling more are coming.  They are starting to get that grumpy/fussy/teething thing going on.  I hated teething with just one child but having two at the same time is rough!

*The twins are teething again!  I’m just now finishing this post and they are at 16 months and have a first molar coming in.

We had our first stomach bug and it hit both of them!  One evening Skylee threw up maybe an hour after we put them to bed.  We get her all cleaned up and back in bed, leave the room, and Rylee throws up.  This continued on until about 3am, one then the other.  It lingered for a couple days and then they were back to normal.


Where we are at this month:


These babes are everywhere and into everything!  Walking, running, climbing, spinning….they think they can do anything that big sisters do!  It is so fun to watch them get caught up in a game of chasing big sisters around the house. Seeing those little legs going as quickly as possible but still wobbly cause they can’t quite run and listening to all the giggles!  Melts my heart.

Both girls are playing with dolls a lot these days. They especially love putting the doll in their baby doll strollers and pushing them around. One day they found Avery’s water baby and got in the biggest sister fight over it!  I knew immediately what these girls were getting for Christmas!  They also love being pushed around in the baby doll strollers!  Thanks to big sisters deciding to put them in the strollers and push them around.  Sometimes the twins will push each other, but I think majority of the time Skylee is the one riding and Rylee is pushing.


 Skylee loves to play with shoes.  She is shoe obssessed!  It doesn’t matter if its one of big sisters pretend shoes, Avery’s, Raegan’s, or even my shoes, Skylee will be putting them on and walk around in them.
Rylee has recently taken a liking to playing with blocks.  She likes to stack them and then show them to you saying “locks” and getting excited about what she has done!  She will also occasionally pick up a pretend shoe and walk around in them, but she isn’t as into it as Skylee is!


These babes love to eat!  They don’t like having to wait for their food either.  They don’t have too many things they will not eat.  We are still introducing foods but most of the time they eat whatever we give them!

Skylee is the messy eater and just shovels in the food one fist full at a time!  We are starting to have to tell her to slow down or finish whats in her mouth before she can have more!  This could be why she has jumped up in her weight!

Rylee is a very clean eater.  Only if its a messy meal like lasagna does she get messy like Skylee!  She is very lady like with her eating!

Rylee's newest face!

Rylee’s newest face!


We have been sleeping good but then the teething started up again.

Sleep has been rough!  Sometimes they sleep all night without a peep, some nights they fuss just until they find their bink and go right back to sleep, then other nights they are up and wanting cuddled for a bit, a frozen bink, or even need some medicine for the pain. We have yet to drop that morning nap around 10:30am and I am fine with keeping it as I can get some things done while they are down.  After lunch around 1:30-2pm they take their long nap and sleep until 3:30-4pm.  Bedtime is at 8:30pm.  My kids do not do early bedtimes!  Never have!


Skylee –IMG_2875
Miss Sky has definitely taken on the big sister role.  She is quick to help or lead Rylee around and even be protective over her, and it is just the sweetest thing ever…sometimes!  For the most part she is independent and does her own thing and likes to do things by herself.  She will get SO frustrated sometimes when trying to do things without help and its not until she is at her breaking point that she will finally let me help her!  She is also starting to be quite the Daddy’s girl.  She gets so excited to see Daddy when he gets home from work and will run right up to him!

At any sound of music she will start dancing or head bobbing.

Words: mama, what, Avery, Buggy(Bugatti – the dog), daddy, more, done – *I’m sure there are more words but these are what I recall hearing the most!

Teeth: 8 1/2

Likes: iphone/ipad, clapping(she claps all the time), watching big sisters, sleep, Rylee, Daddy, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, bath time, brushing gums, walking, being outside, mommy, dancing, music, dolls, chasing sisters

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, being overtired, falling, losing the binky, being hungry, mommy or daddy leaving, when anyone steals her stuff!

Rylee –
IMG_2878Rylee is the sweetest little girl!  Very caring and easy going.  She does get frustrated with her doll stroller sometimes and can have quite the meltdown.  She will quietly go off and play by herself and be perfectly content.  While teething she does like to be held a lot and is a mommy’s girl.  Lots of evenings I am cooking dinner with this girl chasing me around the kitchen or hanging on my hip!  Neither of the girls are fans of being around someone they don’t know very well but Rylee seems to be the worst about it.

Words: mama, dada, ya, Sky, done, nana (banana), locks(blocks), more –  *I’m sure there are more words but these are what I recall hearing the most!

Teeth: 8 1/2

Likes: walking, sleep, clapping, binky, Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling/hugging, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, music, dancing, spinning, climbing

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, waiting to eat/being hungry, being overtired, mommy leaving, teething.


I keep telling myself I will get better at blogging but life happens and this gets put on hold.  So this post is a combo of months 15 and 16!


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