Raegan is 3!


Age 3


Playing outside, being with Avery, swimming, jumping on her trampoline – we didn’t set it up after moving and she has begged us to put her trampoline back up!, preschool

Yogurt, fruit, pizza, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese

Mommies interview with Raegan

What is your name?  Raegan

How old are you?  3

What is your favorite color?  Green

Who is your Best Friend?  Caleb – from preschool

What is your favorite animal?  Bunny

What do you want to be when your all grown up?  Princess Sofia

What is your favorite movie?  Princess Sofia

What makes you happy?  Animals

What makes you sad?  Crabs?! – not sure if this is from a Jake and the pirates episode or what!

What is your favorite food to eat?  Pizza

What is your favorite song to sing?  Jesus loves me

What game(s) do you like to play?  Ring around the Rosie 


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