12 months

We have officially survived the first year of raising twins.  It has been challenging, exhausting, and hard.  It has also been fun and exciting!  This year just flew by and I am so excited to see what this next year brings.

Skylee @ 12 months:
Weight: 17 lbs 2 oz (10 month: 14 lbs 4 oz)
Height:  28 1/2 in (10 month: 27 3/4 in)
Head: 44 1/2 in (10 month: 43 1/2 in)

Rylee @ 12 months:
Weight: 16 lbs 11 oz (10 month: 14 lbs 9 oz)
Height:  28 3/4 in (10 month: 27 1/2 in)
Head: 44 in (10 month: 42 1/2 in)

Dr. Sears was very happy with the twins growth and have even moved up on the growth chart at 12% and 8%.  Sears also commented that she isn’t used to fraternal twins mirroring each other in their growth like these two have done this entire first year!


This month has been a little rough with the pains of teething.  Both girls are working on cutting their top two teeth and they started within days of each other.  Rylee is leading the way and has half of one tooth in and the other poking thru, but Skylee is following suit and is cutting teeth the exact same way.  These girls do everything together.IMG_2498

Where we are at this month:


Walking has officially started!  These girls are still unsteady and not walking everywhere they go, unless they have something to hold on to, but they are walking in short distances to go where they want.  I think if they weren’t interrupted by the older sisters they would be doing better, but big sisters get excited and run up to them causing them to stop or even fall down.  I have noticed if nobody is around the twins do so much better and do more walking then crawling.

These two love going down slides and are also getting brave and climbing up the slide after sliding down.  We have been going to the pool once sometimes twice a week all summer and the last two trips the twins have decided they are ready to get in the water!  They love the water but it was always too cold for them.  One of those times I didn’t even put them in their swimsuits, but thankfully had some swim diapers to put on them, and they swam in their sundress!
They do so good at playing together with the occasional sister fight.  They love making their way to big sisters rooms, and making a mess of things, but enjoy playing with the toys!
* I have been trying to write this post all month and can now say these girls are officially walking!


They are officially on whole milk and other than the fact they don’t like it cold this transition has been easy.  The Doctor reminded me that they no longer need milk as their main source of nutrition and to cut it back to no more than 20oz a day.  We are still working on the transition to a sippy cup but they are getting better at drinking from it.  They understand how to drink from it but are very attached to the bottle so this is taking much longer than it did for the big sisters.  They eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner and have a bottle at bedtime.  For the most part they eat anything I give to them with the occasional picky day where they decide they no longer like something.



Sleep has been rough with the teething.  Sometimes they sleep all night without a peep, some nights they fuss just until they find their bink and go right back to sleep, then other nights they are up and wanting cuddled for a bit, a frozen bink, or even need some medicine for the pain. We have yet to drop that morning nap around 10:30am and I am fine with keeping it as I can get some things done while they are down.  After lunch around 1:30-2pm they take their long nap and sleep until 4pm.  Bedtime is still at 8:30pm and will most likely stay this way.

Skylee –IMG_2485 IMG_2511This girl has been taking turns at being the easy going twin!  Typically she is the one who has trouble going to others that she isn’t comfortable with or is fussy while mommy is gone, lately she has been the good/happy one and will go to others as long as she is comfortable with you.  Then she’ll turn around and only want mommy!

At any sound of music she will start dancing or head bobbing.

Words: mama, what, Avery, Buggy(Bugatti – the dog), daddy – *I’m sure there are more words but these are what I recall hearing the most!

Teeth: 2 1/2 and another cutting thru

Likes: babbling, clapping(she claps all the time), watching big sisters, sleep, standing up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, bathtime, brushing gums, walking, being outside, mommy, dancing, music, walking with Dino or any other toy that moves!

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, being overtired, falling, losing the binky, being hungry, mommy leaving, when Rylee steals her stuff!

Rylee –IMG_2483IMG_2510

Rylee has recently taken on the role of being not so easy going, which is throwing all of us off!  I really think its the teething because on a good day she is back to her old self.  This girl loves to cuddle and hug which I am loving, I know it doesn’t last long.  She recently has started to pat me on the back as she is hugging me.  I love it!

Words: mama, dada, ya, Sky, done, nana (banana) – Also, she just started using the ‘eat’ sign.  *I’m sure there are more words but these are what I recall hearing the most!

Teeth: 3 1/2

Likes: walking, sleep, clapping, binky, Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling/hugging, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, music, dancing, cruising, being on the move, walking with Dino or any toy that moves.

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, waiting to eat/being hungry, being overtired, mommy leaving.



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