Twin mom questionnaire

Q. What do you do when both babies are crying?

A. Very rarely do both twins demonstrate equal distress at the same time. I’m not saying they don’t cry at the same time, they do … but usually you can tell which one truly needs consoling. If they are both upset I will sit down and hold both!

Q. How do you do it?

A.  I just do, I don’t have a choice!  Even though it can be completely draining at times, both mentally and physically, I love every minute of it.  It does seem like a lot with the older two but I’m so used to it, and we have such a good routine down, its really not that bad!

Q. Do you ever get out? Just you and your husband?

A. Absolutely!  We have a few (3-4) willing babysitters to take on our four girls. Thankfully two of them are always free of charge!  As a stay at home mom I am always anxious to get out of the house even if it is with all the girls.

Q. Are they identical?

A. No. They do look very much alike but they are fraternal.

Q. Why don’t you dress them alike? (Or: Why do you dress them alike?)

A. Most of the time they are color coordinated. They each have their own color that we assigned from day one. I do enjoy matching them at times, just because it’s fun, and they are twins so why not. They don’t really care right now anyways!

Q. Were you on fertility drugs?

A. No!  All natural and part of Gods plan for our family.

Q. Do you want more kids? Are you done?

A. Yes, we’re done!  If God has other plans and blesses us with another child we would happily have another!

Q. Do twins run in your family?

A. Yes, they do!



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