Avery’s Birthday Party!



Avery requested to have her princess party at the YMCA like we did last year.  I was totally fine with that!

2015-07-05-743 2015-07-05-746 2015-07-05-750 2015-07-05-753 2015-07-05-755 2015-07-05-763

She had so much fun and loved all of her new princess gifts!  Swimming was probably the highlight of the party!

2015-07-05-770 2015-07-05-772 2015-07-05-774 2015-07-05-777

Swimming with her friends!

Swimming with her friends!

She has already asked when her next birthday is and if she can have her party at the YMCA again!


One thought on “Avery’s Birthday Party!

  1. So cute & growing up SO FAST!! Bet they had a blast!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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