11 months

Eleven Months?!

2015-07-20-003 2015-07-20-009

These sweet girls are getting so big and it’s hard to believe we are less than a week away from their 1 year birthday.  I can not believe how fast this year has gone.  I seriously feel like these girls are growing by the minute…there are times where they look bigger to me or I notice a difference in their features after an afternoon nap!  My hubby thinks I’m crazy! I think I’m just observant!2015-07-20-004 2015-07-20-005

Where we are at this month:

We have two climbers on our hands!  I am constantly watching these girls climb on to a chair to climb on to the ottoman, climb into their little rocking chairs and stand up, climbing up and into the fireplace, etc.  I feel like I am always on my toes with these two!
These girls are wanting to walk so bad!  Rylee took her first 3 steps June 25th and has been consistently taking the same amount of steps since then, and Skylee took her first 2 steps July 2nd and has been working even harder than Rylee at getting this whole walking thing down!  I really think in the next few weeks these girls will be walking!  Part of me is excited, I love this milestone, and part of me is nervous about having two babies to chase around and all the things they will be getting in to!
These two are getting better at sharing and it melts my heart when I see one of them give a toy to sister because she is crying.  Rylee is currently hugging and I have seen (haven’t been able to capture on camera) her giving Skylee hugs!  You can already tell the bond between these two is strong and they will always be there for one another.
They still love to make their way to big sisters rooms and play with their toys.  One day it had gotten quiet and I went to check on them and they had emptied Raegan’s entire toy box!2015-07-20-013


They are now on a schedule very similar to the big girls.  Eating breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner followed by a 7-8oz bottle 3 times a day.  Last month the girls were willing to try anything, and this month is almost the same for the most part.    Skylee is still pretty good about taking a taste of anything we offer her, but Rylee has become quite the skeptic.  She gives anything directed to her mouth a good examination before she has to put it in her mouth herself.  Then there are days where they completely switch roles and it’s Skylee giving me a hard time about what she is eating!2015-07-20-014


These girls continue to sleep through the night.  There have been a couple times that one of them has woken in the middle of the night due to teething, and typically they will just go right back to sleep.  As of lately that has not been the case.  The other night I was up every 2 hours with Skylee because she was having such a hard time with the teething, gnawing on her binky and rolling all over the place.  I would get her a frozen binky and it would instantly calm her down but it doesn’t last long!  Then in the morning still no teeth!  Ugh!  Teething sucks!

Two naps a day is where we are at.  With the occasional busy day and only getting one nap in.  I’m really loving the two naps a day for now and haven’t even thought about dropping them to one nap a day just yet.  They nap around 10am or 10:30am and then again in the afternoon around 1:30-2pm, which is the same time big sisters go lay down!2015-07-20-002

Skylee –2015-07-20-006

Little Miss Skylee is my drama queen!  I feel like everything is a big deal with this girl.  Full of super cute facial expressions (that I’m always hoping to get on camera) and will start giggling if she hears anyone around her laughing.  She seems to be much more cautious than Rylee, almost as if she is watching to see how it’s done before she jumps in to try.  With pretty much everything so far Rylee has started it first then days later Skylee will start and in a way one up her!  Just like her daddy and being all competitive about it!

Teeth: 2 bottom, working on top two
Words: mama, dada, what, ball
Likes: babbling (she talks all day), big sisters, sleep, standing up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, bathtime, brushing gums, riding on the Dino toy, crawling, cruising, being outside, mommy, dancing, music, standing by herself, climbing, practicing walking!2015-07-20-011Dislikes: sisters bothering her, being overtired, falling, losing the binky, grass, when Rylee steals her stuff!
Rylee –2015-07-20-015Little Miss Rylee is my easy going girl, most of the time! This girl actually had me thinking Skylee was the one screaming in the Church nursery this last week during VBS only to find out it was Rylee!  Typically Rylee doesn’t scream like that when she is upset but I guess she is taking lesson from big sister Sky! Teething for this girl has been rough making her much more clingy than usual.  Rylee is starting to remind me of Avery with her fearless ways.  She is so active and ready to do so many things, climbing has been something she has been doing for a while now, and even if she falls and gets hurt she will turn around and try doing it again!  This family is full of determination!  Hugging is her newest thing she has started and I just love it!  Arms wrapped tightly around the neck and all!  2015-07-20-012Teeth: 2 bottom, working on top twoWords: mama, dada, yaLikes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, touching Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, music, dancing, cruising, being on the move, practicing walking, climbing.

Dislikes: being rocked to sleep, waiting to eat, being overtired.2015-07-12-003


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