10 months

10 months and still so little!  These girls are so tiny and petite compared to their big sisters. Their percentage for weight on the growth chart is 2% and 3%!

Skylee @ 10 months:
Weight: 14 lbs 14 oz (6 month: 13 lbs 2 oz)
Height:  27 3/4 in (6 month: 26 in)
Head: 43 1/2 in (6 month: 42 in)

Rylee @ 10 months:
Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz (6 month: 12 lbs 9 oz)
Height:  27 1/2 in (6 month: 26 in)
Head: 42 1/2 in (6 month: 41 in)


Even though they are so small the doctor is not concerned at all and continued to assure me that they are doing fine.  They are staying very consistent with their growth.  I guess these girls are just built like their momma!  Both are in size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes.  They still only have 2 teeth.

This month we experienced our first sickness.  Rylee was the first to show signs of not feeling well.  At first I thought it was teething, she was a little fussy and had a low fever, but she continued to eat well and was still interacting with me.  Then after her evening nap she woke up with a temperature of 104!  Yikes!  That is the highest we have ever had.  I had been using essential oils to help keep her comfortable and lower her fever but with this high temp I decided to get out the tylenol.  I then gave her a warm bath, poor girl was shivering the entire time, but I knew it would help lower the temp.  She took a bottle after the bath and then went down for bed with a temperature of 101.  The next day she was all better?!?!  Then Avery got sick and was laying around with a fever and a headache for 3 days! Followed by Skylee randomly waking up from a nap throwing up all over herself, then again before bed.  Woke up the next day as if nothing ever happened.  Raegan then got it and was complaining of a headache and had a fever for less than 2 days.  Then back to Skylee throwing up all over me after an afternoon nap, but with a fever this time of 101, gave her a bath and minutes after the bath she threw up again.  At the same time I was dealing with a bad migraine and Alex had to leave work early to come home and help me out!  So for 7 days straight someone was sick, sometimes two at a time, and at one point even I was down.  Lets just say I was exhausted!

Where we are at this month:

Well these girls are getting around every where!  They are still just crawling and cruising along anything they can pull themselves up to or push along, but I have seen both of them start to let go as if they are ready to take that step.  One day Alex put Rylee down on her feet and she stood there for a second before squatting down.  A week later and Rylee is now able to stand up all by herself! She has also attempted the first step but leans too far forward and falls down.
They are really starting to play with toys and especially like getting a hold of big sisters toys!  One thing we have noticed that happens on a regular occurrence is when Skylee has a toy or anything really Rylee will come along and just grab it right out of her hand!  Most of the time Skylee doesn’t care and just moves on to the next thing but there has been a few times recently where Skylee takes it back or is given it back by a big sister and doesn’t allow Rylee to take it, quickly moving it if she tries!2015-06-07-002


They are now eating every 4.5hrs and taking 7-8oz bottles.  They are eating solids 3 times a day.  We have pretty much started feeding these girls any time we have food.  It doesn’t matter if they just finished eating, they will fuss until we give them something!  They are also wanting to feed themselves more these days than have me feeding them by spoon.  They are big fans of the go go squeeze fruit pouches and are able to feed themselves.  Now that they have done more self feeding they don’t like if I try and spoon feed them, especially Skylee!


Sleep is good as long as they are not teething or sick!  The big girls have been waking me up more than these babies!  We have pretty much dropped the evening nap. So they now take a nap around 10:30am and 1:30-2pm, then are off to bed around 8:30pm. This has been amazing because all 4 girls are napping at the same time and going to bed at the same time!

Skylee –2015-06-07-004

Miss Sky is still going through a phase where she only wants her mommy.   With certain people she’s okay but still prefers mommy.

At any sound of music she will start dancing or head bobbing.

Words: mama, what

Likes: babbling (she talks all day), big sisters, sleep, standing up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, bathtime, brushing gums, riding on the Dino toy, crawling, cruising, being outside, mommy, dancing, music, walking with Dino!

Dislikes: sisters bothering her, being overtired, falling, losing the binky, grass, when Rylee steals her stuff!

Rylee –2015-06-07-003

Miss Rylee is still so easy going. Even when she was sick she was easy to deal with.   This girl also loves to dance to music!  They have actually been doing this for awhile but as they get more mobile it is more noticeable that they are dancing!

Words: mama, dada, ya

my newest game with Rylee is to ask her questions.  For example: Are you momma’s girl? – Rylee: ya. Are you going to start walking soon? – Rylee: ya!

Likes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, touching Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, music, dancing, cruising, being on the move, walking with Dino.

Dislikes: being rocked to sleep, waiting to eat, being overtired.


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