What we’ve been up to…

We have started the girls on a chore quarter plan.

We are only a few days into it but so far the girls are so excited about earning their quarters!  The idea is like this…

The girls each get 31 quarters for each day of the month (or however many days are in the month) that we have put in a container out of their reach but still visible.

They have been given their chores for every day:

Clear table after eating(their stuff only), pick up toys, no whining (not a chore but the chores must be done without this!), twice a week take laundry basket to laundry room.

If they did these things they keep their quarter, if not, they give one to me.  My girls love to go shopping, especially if they get to buy something. So this idea seemed to fit our girls perfectly. Each month we will refill the container and start again!

I have started working out again!

I haven’t worked out since the twins were born, well honestly since before that, as I didn’t really workout since the first 3 months of the twin pregnancy due to the high risk pregnancy.

Then I had my surgery and was finally cleared to workout a few months ago but with all the excitement of moving I just never started.  Now that we have been in the new house for a month and for the most part are completely settled in I decided it was time!

In the past I have done INSANITY® and FOCUS T25 but knowing how bad of shape I am in I knew I needed to take it slow. I am officially in week two of PiYo and I am loving it!  I love how I can feel the work but I’m not straining my muscles to do it. I might be a little shaky sometimes but I always feel good after each workout!

The twins are almost one…

So I am in full party planning mode!  I have asked my amazing cousin to help plan this party since I don’t have a ton of free time😜. I have decided the theme will be Dr. Seuss!  I’m currently trying to narrow down who will make the cake, the bakery I have used in the past will be closed for renovations the week I need it😔.  I have also found some super cute outfits that I need to get approved by the hubby, their a little pricey!

We will be going on a vacation this year!

This was a big decision to make with having all four girls!  After lots of talking with family members(near & far), searching for the right priced plane tickets, and knowing we would have some family members to help while traveling (there will be 15 total people in our group!) we decided to go!  It won’t be anything fancy just going to visit some of the hubby’s family but we are all very excited, and I’m a little nervous😳! Four little girls on a plane😜. We go in October!


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