9 months

These girls are one month closer to turning one year!  I still can’t believe we are already just three short months away from the big one year birthday!

The girls were supposed to have their 9 month doctors appointment at the beginning of May but the day of the appointment I received a phone call saying that we needed to reschedule the appointment.  The doctors kid was sick so she was out for the day.  The down side to that is her schedule is booked and we don’t get to see her until June.  So once again I have no stats on these babies!

IMG_2209 IMG_2200

Where we are at this month:

We are officially in size 3 diapers.  I think we might be in these for awhile!  They are both outgrowing 6-9 month clothes except for a few here and there so we have started putting those away.  They can still wear 6-12 & 9 month sizes, but we don’t have too many of those, so we have already pulled out all the 12 month and they are fitting into most of those.  Both girls have two bottom teeth and are working on the upper teeth.  They are both babbling a lot!  Skylee is still the most talkative and Rylee seems a little shy but is starting to do more talking.
IMG_2205 IMG_2193

Well these girls are everywhere!  They are crawling to wherever they want to go and this makes it twice as hard to keep an eye on them.  One is going one way and the other is going in the opposite direction. Now that we are in the new house and are mostly settled in the girls are getting more comfortable with crawling around.  That means it is now a lot harder to lose track of one of the babies!  They are also cruising all over the place.  Anything they can pull up to they will walk along.  They can even pull themselves up using my leg, but its not always at the best time for me, I’m either cooking or washing dishes, etc.  I have even seen Rylee let go a few times but she immediately squats down.

Watching sisters swing!

Watching sisters swing!

The best thing about the new house!

The best thing about the new house!


We did end up changing their schedule a bit and the girls are doing awesome with it.  They are now eating every 4.5hrs and taking 7-8oz bottles.  They are eating solids 3 times a day.  They seem to want to eat whatever we are eating even if they just finished eating their own food!  They are big fans of Annie’s Mac n Cheese!  They have also tried turkey, bread, muffins, cheese and I’m sure there is more.

They eat avocados, bananas, apples, blueberries, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas, yogurt, Cheerios, Puffs, and baby oatmeal.  IMG_2228 IMG_2229


These girls have been sleeping really good up until the last few days.  I was really concerned with how they would do in the new house.  The first night had a rough start.  Their cribs were setup on opposite walls and they have never slept that far away from each other so I wondered if that had something to do with it.  So the next day we pushed the cribs to the same wall and they have slept great since then.  Then the teething started up again!  I’m not always having to go in but I do get woken up to one of them whining throughout the night.  Most of the time they go back to sleep on their own.

Naps are still going strong!  Most days they take 3 naps.  A nap in the morning, afternoon, and a catnap in the evening.  As long as we get in at least 2 naps they do ok but if we miss two naps its not a good day!

Skylee –


Sky's newest silly face!

Sky’s newest silly face!

Miss Sky is very opinionated!  She is very particular in who she goes to and seems to be the most attached to me at this time.  There are a handful of people she is okay with but if you are not one of those people she will let you know!  She is very talkative and I love listening to her and trying to carry on a conversation with her.  You can definitely tell she is the “oldest” of the two!  She will play by herself but seems to be more social and likes to have someone with her.

Likes: babbling (she talks all day), big sisters, sleep, standing up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, jumparoo, blowing raspberries, bathtime, brushing gums, riding on the Dino toy, crawling, being outside, mommy.

Dislikes: dirty diaper, sisters bothering her, being overtired, falling, losing the binky, grass, when Rylee steals her stuff!

Rylee –

IMG_2226 IMG_2187

Miss Rylee is my easy going girl.  She will typically go to anyone and be okay with it.  She has no problem playing by herself and doing her own thing.  She has started this new form of crying/whining and it is her way of saying she needs something, is ready for a nap, or just wants to be held.  She is also the one that Avery will try and carry around and play with the most and most of the time Rylee just goes with it!

Likes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, crawling, standing, being outside, being on the move!

Dislikes: being overtired, dirty diapers, big sisters bothering her, falling, grass.


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