We are moving…

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for us.  We have been talking and praying and talking and praying about moving for a couple of months, we have outgrown our house and I am beyond ready to move out!  We finally decided to consult with a realtor to see what she thought we could list our house for along with what projects we should finish before listing.  So here is a breakdown of what happened after we made this decision…

On March 9th, we setup an appointment with a bank to get pre approved for a house.

Marth 10th, the realtor came to walk through our house and we discussed what we should do before listing and then let her know we would get back to her within the next month.

March 11th, the realtor contacted my husband saying she had a couple who would like to see the house.  Right now as is.

March 12th, the couple came to look at the house with the realtor.  We went to dinner with friends joking about getting an offer before the house was listed for sale.

March 13th, the realtor asked to meet with us because she had an offer from the couple.  That evening we accepted the offer!

We were officially homeless and needed to start the search for a new house.  ASAP!

March 25th, we put in an offer on a house that was for sale by owner.  They accepted our offer!

March 30th, we signed the contract for our new house!

We are no longer homeless!

So the last couple of weeks we have been purging and packing.  We made a countdown chain for the girls so they could see how many days we have until the big move.  I wasn’t enjoying being asked multiple times a day when we were going to the new house, which they have yet to see!

As of right now the plan is to close on both houses May 1st!

We are all very excited to move into the new house.  The older girls will get their own rooms which I am looking forward to.  Avery keeps waking up Raegan when she gets up for the day and Raegan is as cranky as can be the first two hours of the day.  I am not a fan of being woken up by cranky kids!


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