7 months

This has been quite a month of milestones for these sweet girls.  They are growing up so fast and I feel as if it gets faster and faster with each additional kid!  On top of that we have had some big things happening around here and will be having some big changes going on very soon which has made this month just fly by for the whole family, more on that later.

The girls don’t go back to the pediatrician until 9 months so we don’t have any stats on their weight and height, but they are definitely growing!

2015-03-26-001 2015-03-26-002

Where we are at this month:

They are both still in Size 2 diapers and wearing 6-9 month and 6-12 month clothes.  Rylee has two teeth broken through and Skylee’s are so close to breaking through.  They are both babling a lot but specifically this month, well the last two weeks, they have been saying “dada”over and over!  They said mama a while back but its usually used when they are needing something.
2015-03-26-003 2015-03-26-004

These girls have been working very hard at crawling (actually started at the end of 6 months) but with us having hardwood floors it gives them some trouble.  They both had the scooting backwards down at the beginning of this month and now are full blown crawling!  Keeping things picked up has become a new difficult task to stay on top of… if these girls see something they want they are going to go get it!  Rylee is the most active and has gone from sitting in the living room to making her way into the kitchen.  The big girls are really enjoying their mobility!  Skylee was the first to pull herself up to a standing position, which really surprised me. For weeks I had seen Rylee getting on her knees wanting to stand, but it was only a matter of days later that Rylee was following suit.  Skylee has already started cruising around the crib while standing!2015-03-26-010


The girls are still eating every 4 hrs and taking in 6-7 oz bottles.  They are still under the recommended ounces per day but our pediatrician said for now it was fine, we can’t force feed them!  They are eating solids two times a day, usually at lunch and dinner.  They eat avocados, bananas, apples, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas(not a fan of right now), and baby oatmeal.2015-03-26-012


Sleep started off good…then the new milestones started happening and these girls seemed to think that at nap time is was time to practice instead of sleeping.  So some ours naps have been hit and miss these days but they almost always would take one good nap during the afternoon.  We also started teething…hard…so our nights have been a little rough the last week or two.  It is so hard knowing that its their gums bothering them and there isn’t much you can do.  There were a few days that were hard.  I would get up with Rylee one night who I had to cuddle back to sleep, then the next night I was up with Rylee…fell asleep cuddling her and woke up to Skylee crying and cuddled her to sleep…went back to bed only to be woken up by Skylee again who I had to cuddle back to sleep, and then the next night Skylee woke up and had to be cuddled back to sleep.  It was a rough week!

Skylee –

2015-03-26-006 2015-03-26-009 2015-03-26-013 2015-03-26-018

Likes: babbling and smiling, big sisters, sleep, sitting up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, jumparoo, blowing raspberries, playing with her toes, bathtime, brushing gums, standing

Dislikes: dirty diaper, sisters bothering her, being overtired, tummy time, losing the binky, when Rylee steals her stuff!

Rylee –

2015-03-26-014 2015-03-26-007 2015-03-26-015 2015-03-26-017

Likes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, touching Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime, crawling, standing, being on the move!

Dislikes: being overtired, dirty diapers, big sisters bothering her


One thought on “7 months

  1. They are so stinkin’ cute!!! I continue to pray for your precious family and especially your stamina. Keep up the great job!

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