6 months

We are 6 months!!  Where has the time gone?

January 28th was the girls’ actual 1/2 birthday, but as usual I have gotten very behind on this post! These girls are growing way too fast if you ask me!

Here are their stats:

Skylee @ 6 months:
Weight: 13 lbs 2 oz (4 month: 11 lbs 14 oz)
Height:  26 in (4 month: 24 1/4 in)
Head: 42 in (4 month: 40 in)

Rylee @ 6 months:
Weight: 12 lbs 9 oz (4 month: 11 lbs 10 oz)
Height:  26 in (4 month: 24 1/2 in)
Head: 41 in (4 month: 39 1/2 in)

Both in size 2 diapers, size 6 month clothes, they are petite little girls at just 4th & 2nd percentile on the growth charts.  Our pediatrician said both girls are doing great and to not let the low percentiles worry us!  I think they are just taking after their mommy, unlike their big sisters!

Poor Rylee had a cold for three weeks before their 6 month checkup, which resulted in her appetite decreasing, and a low weight gain for this checkup.  The doctor wasn’t concerned since she had seen her a week before to check out the cold that she had.  We were happy to hear that her lungs were clear, her ears were good, and we just had to wait it out!  We have passed this cold back and forth with Skylee and as soon as I think it is gone something else shows up.





Where we are at this month:

Rylee is very busy.  She is sitting on her own now but doesn’t sit for long.  Early this month she started to roll from back to tummy and tummy to back.  The moment you lay her down, she flips over to her tummy and there she will remain to play until she has worn herself out.  She is even sleeping on her tummy now!
Skylee is also sitting on her own.  She can roll over just like Rylee but is still pretty content to just sit and play.  Towards the end of the month she started sleeping on her side/tummy.  She loves to be in the jumparoo and will just jump like crazy!
This last month they have become much more interactive with one another. Toy envy is upon us, Skylee finds Rylee’s toys to be so much more interesting than her own, and vice-versa… and by toys, I mean everything!  Rylee is always loving on big sister Skylee and its not always okay with Skylee!
Sister love

Sister love

sweet Rylee

sweet Rylee




The girls are eating every 4 hrs and taking in 6 oz bottles.  We also have started eating solids two times a day, usually at lunch and dinner.  They eat avocados, bananas, apples, green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots.


Sleep is still good for both babies.  We even split them up this month!  Their cribs are touching so they can still see each other and this hasn’t seemed to affect their sleep at all.

Crib naps during the day are going great, their longest nap is mid-morning (about 10-10:30am) and they’ll sleep for about 2 hours or so.  They go down again for another nap after lunch and this one will be another hour and a half to two hours.  The afternoon naps are shorter, like cat naps, just about an hour or so..  For the most part they go back to sleep within about an hour and a half after each feeding.  They start fussing and rubbing their faces with their little hands and that really lets me know they are ready for sleep.  All I have to do is take them to their cribs and leave the room!

At night we are slowly getting better.  Their last feeding is around 8:30-9pm and they are usually in bed by 9:30-10pm and sleeping until 8:30-9:30am.  They occasionally wake up in the middle of the night because they are stuck, or bumping into the bedrail, or cant find the binky!  I don’t let them sleep any later than 9:30am so it doesn’t push our schedule to a later bedtime.  Plus consistency is key!  I learned that very quickly with Avery and it has been the case with all my babies.2015-02-08-007

Skylee –2015-02-08-015 2015-02-08-014

Likes: cuddling, babbling and smiling, big sisters, sleep, sitting up, Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers, jumparoo, blowing raspberries, playing with her toes, bathtime, brushing gums

Dislikes: dirty diaper, sisters bothering her, being overtired, tummy time, losing the binky

Rylee –2015-02-08-003 2015-02-08-016

Likes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, touching Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers, blowing raspberries, the ipad/iphone, brushing gums, bathtime

Dislikes: being rocked to sleep(when we arent at home), waiting to eat


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