A day in the life | 6 months

Once again I have documented what happens in a day!  I have been asked several times if it is getting any easier.  The pictures are not all from the same day, that would have been way too much work!

Here’s an example of what a typical day looks like in my house(although this day was not so typical!):

7am – Big girls wake up.  We tell them to go back to bed(They typically sleep until 8-8:30am)

7:15am – I get up.  Big girls didn’t go back to bed!

7:20am – Get the girls some breakfast

7:25am – Let the dog out

7:30am – Make sure girls are happy and have what they need

7:35am – Let dog in

Skylee's new sleep position...

Skylee’s new sleep position…

7:40am – Hubby leaves for work

7:45am – I start pumping

8:15am – Start warming babies milk

8:25am – Babies wake up

8:28am – Change diapers

8:30am – Feed babies

These girls are loved!

These girls are loved!

8:45am – Raegan goes potty – still needs help sometimes

8:50am – Finish burping babies

8:55am – Put babies in jumparoo/jenny jump up

Rylee enjoying the jumparoo

Rylee enjoying the jumparoo


9am – Start making my breakfast

9:05am – Big girls want more food

9:10am – Let dog out

9:15am – I sit down to eat

9:20am – Girls want some toast

9:30am – Move Skylee to the floor to play

Skylee really wants that fruit pouch!

Skylee really wants that fruit pouch!


Finally got it!

Finally got it!

9:35am – Sit down and drink my glass of milk

9:45am – Let dog in

9:50am – Take Raegan potty

9:52am – Put Rylee on the floor to play

9:55am – Finish with Raegan in the bathroom

9:57am – Start laundry

10am – Sit and play with babies

10:20am – Change diapers

10:25am – Lay babies down for nap


10:30am – Start dinner in crockpot

10:45am – Pick up toys/Play with big girls

11am – Pump

11:25am – Paint girls nails

11:30am – Move clothes to dryer

11:35am – Get girls a snack

Rylee climbing over the boppy pillow

Rylee climbing over the boppy pillow


11:40am – Work on quilt

11:50am – Start girls lunch

12:10pm – Warm babies milk

12:11pm – Rylee wakes up

12:15pm – Feed big girls lunch

12:25pm – Skylee wakes up


12:30pm – Feed babies

12:50pm – Burp babies and then sit them up for playtime

1pm – Put big girls down for nap

1:05pm – Let dog out

1:08pm – Let dog in

1:10pm – I eat lunch

1:30pm – Lay Rylee down for nap

1:35pm – Tell Raegan to get in bed

1:45pm – Get Avery back in bed

Skylee in the Jenny jump up!

Skylee in the Jenny jump up!


1:50pm – Hanging out with Skylee

2:30pm – Big girls get up…NO nap…

2:35pm – Change Raegans pullup

2:45pm – Lay Skylee down

3pm – Pump

3:25pm – Get big girls a snack

3:30pm – Take Raegan potty

3:40pm – Work on quilt

4pm – Babies wake up

This is why we had to separate them!

This is why we had to separate them!

4:05pm – Warm up babies milk

4:10pm – Play with babies

4:25pm – Change babies diapers

4:30pm – Feed babies

5pm – Lay Skylee down for nap

5:02pm – Get big girls a snack

5:10pm – Start cooking other part of dinner

5:30pm – Sit down for a bit


5:40pm – Hubby gets home

5:55pm – Start fixing girls plate for dinner

6pm – Lay Rylee down

6:05pm – Sit down to eat dinner with family

6:15pm – Skylee wakes up.  Adjust Rylee, so she can keep sleeping

6:25pm – Clear table put dinner away

6:30pm – Let dog out

Trying to eat it!

Trying to eat it!

6:35pm – Get girls ready for church

6:40pm – Raegan trips and bumps her head…then passes out while hubby is comforting her

6:45pm – Raegan comes to cuddle with me and falls asleep.  Not taking a nap does that!

6:55pm  – Hubby & Avery go to church

7pm – I pump

7:10pm – Skylee fell over…stop pumping to sit her back up



7:11pm – Continue pumping

7:20pm – Put away pumped milk

7:25pm – Skylee starts fussing

7:30pm – Feed Skylee solids

7:45pm – Rylee wakes up

7:50pm – Feed Rylee solids

Finished eating!

Finished eating!

IMG_1958 IMG_1959

8pm – Hubby & Avery home

8:05pm – Start warming babies milk

8:10pm – Get big girls ready for bed

8:20pm – Alex puts big girls in bed while I entertain babies

8:30pm – Alex feeds babies so I can eat a snack

8:50pm – Feed babies cereal/solids

9:05pm – Get twins ready for bed


9:15pm – Put twins in bed

9:20pm – Free time!

11pm – Pump

11:30pm – Shower

11:45pm – Bed

* Free time always varies in length.  Sometimes we get in bed before 11pm!

I would say things are getting easier!


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