3 months

Well once again I am behind on blogging!  The twins are officially 4 months, but let me get caught up and do their 3 months post!

Skylee has started to fill out and she is reminding me more and more of big sister Raegan with her size!  Rylee…well she is more like big sister Avery and is long and lean!  They are both in Size 1 diapers, although, I think we will be outgrowing those very soon!  They are still in some 0-3 month clothes, but we are beginning to transition to 3-6 month clothes.

We go back to the pediatrician December 1st and will find out what weight and length they are now.


I’ve seen such advancements in these two girls since month 2. They actually recognize, interact, and acknowledge others around them, babble and coo, smile, and reach for toys. We spend a lot of time on the boppy pillows – going from sitting to tummy time(it’s the only way they will actually tolerate the tummy time). We still do tummy time without the pillow they just don’t last long at all! Rylee has come so close to rolling over (like Avery, very active and ready to get going), she can go from her back to her side and then from laying on her side to her belly. Skylee is following close behind but doesn’t do it as often (again reminding me of Raegan and taking her time)!  We also pulled out the jumparoo(still a little short to touch the floor) and are figuring out what all they can do while in it, along with the bumbo activity seat. Big sisters love this as it gives them more chances to interact with them!

Aside from their interaction with us, we witnessed their first time seeing one another earlier this month, and caught it on camera!  I could watch them look at each other all day!

twins 3 months

noticing each other!

twins 3 months

noticing each other!

I am still exclusively pumping for the girls every 3 hours. The first half of month 3 the girls were eating every 3.5 hrs and eating 4-4.5 oz bottles. The last half of the month we started going every 4 hrs and moved to 5 oz bottles. What a difference it makes in my day to have them on this 4 hr schedule. I can get so much more accomplished or even have more free time to play with the older girls.

Sleep is good for both babies. They take about an hour to an hour and a half naps between feedings during the day. We’ve started naps in their cribs during the day to prepare them for the move out of our room. They are still sleeping 8-10 hrs at night. I feed them for the last time around 10:30pm and they’ll sleep until about 7:30-8am. While going through their 3 month growth spurt Skylee would start waking around 5:30am, but the binky would put her right back to sleep until it fell out and she needed it back, and this continued until 7:30am(not fun for mommy and daddy). We put them down awake and it doesn’t take long before they are out, but we do occasionally have some nights where one or both will fight it.


Skylee –

Likes: cuddling, babbling and smiling, big sisters, sleep, sitting up(in boppy or bumbo), Rylee, clean diaper, binky, eating, sucking on fingers

Dislikes: Sitting alone, dirty diaper, sisters bothering you, fighting sleep, neck stretches, tummy time, losing the binky

2014-11-14-004 2014-11-14-011

Look at those lips and lashes!

Look at those lips and lashes!

Rylee –

Likes: babbling and smiling, sleep, binky, touching Skylee, big sisters, eating, cuddling, sucking on fingers

Dislikes: neck stretches, Skylee touching her face, tummy time, waiting to eat

2014-11-14-007 2014-11-14-012 2014-11-14-014

Some of my favorite pics of the girls!  *low quality images from iphone/ipad

twins 3 months

just chillin’

twins 3 months

Sky and her sleep positions!

twins 3 months

Sky again!

twins 3 months

love this!

twins 3 months

starting to put toys in mouth!

twins 3 months

big yawn!

twins 3 months

fist in mouth!

twins 3 months

They do this on their own, like I said I could stare at them all day!

twins 3 months

twins 3 months

cuddling with sister

twins 3 months

life with twins!

twins 3 months


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