A day in the life | 2 months

Whew!  This was the most exhausting post…documenting everything that goes on in a day is mentally draining!  The pictures are not all from the same day, that would have been way too much work!


Here’s an example of what a typical day looks like in my house:

3:27am (this time varies) One of the girls will start fussing for their next feeding. So I get up and pop a binky back in before heading to the kitchen to prepare/warm bottle. Once they start fussing again Alex will wake up and get the girls on the bed to start doing diaper changes. Sometimes this is done before I get back and sometimes I get back in time to change my baby.

4am The girls are done eating and will usually fall right back to sleep, but not always. I usually lay mine beside me while I start to pump, asleep or not, and put her in her bed once I’m done (just in case she starts fussing) If Alex’s baby is asleep he will put her in her bed and go back to sleep.

4:30am I am done pumping and put my baby in her bed, take my expressed milk to kitchen, and go back to sleep

A day in the life | 2 months

7:25am One of the babies starts to fuss but goes back to sleep with the binky. Alex gets the bottles warming since he is getting ready for work.

7:30am Avery comes in to let me know she woke the sun up!  She then asks if it’s time to feed the babies. Followed by Raegan. (Sometimes Rae will sleep later but not when she’s teething, she has three 2nd molars coming in and two canines)

7:35am I get up and we head to the kitchen to get things ready to feed babies. I also get Avery her breakfast. Raegans not ready yet.

7:45am Babies are waking up and starting to fuss so I bring them to the living room to change diapers

7:50am Start feeding babies(I typically like to wait until an even time but these morning feedings don’t always start that way), burp half way, then finish feeding

8:20am Babies are done eating. I put them in their swings so I can pump. One is asleep and one is awake!

A day in the life | 2 months

8:25am I get Raegan her breakfast and then start pumping.

9am Finish pumping. (Morning pumps take the longest, pumping 16-20oz in one sitting takes a while!) Take expressed milk to put away in fridge. Put pumping parts in fridge for next session.

9:05am Start fixing my breakfast

9:15am Sit down to eat

9:30am Do a quick clean up in the kitchen

9:45am Get Avery and Raegan dressed then start a load of laundry

9:55am Go into the office and get a few things done for the business, Avery & Raegan following along

10:35am Break up a fight between the girls!

11:10am One of the babies starts waking for next feeding. Start warming bottles

A day in the life | 2 months

11:15am Change diapers

11:20am Both babies are fussing and ready to eat

11:25am Start feeding hungry babies

A day in the life | 2 months

11:50am Babies are done eating. Prop them up in boppy pillows since they are awake

11:54am Transfer load of laundry to dryer

12pm Start pumping
Popping in the binkys throughout this time.

A day in the life | 2 months

12:20pm Finished pumping.

12:24pm Raegan gets in trouble for playing with the hand soap from bathroom.  We are currently obsessed with washing hands and it’s not always a convenient time for mommy!

12:26pm Put milk and pumping supplies away(exclusive pumper tip: you don’t have to wash your parts after each use if you put them in the fridge).

12:30pm Make the girls some lunch

12:35pm Babies are starting to get fussy and ready to go to sleep

A day in the life | 2 months A day in the life | 2 months

12:45pm Clean up girls lunch and pick up the living room a bit

1pm Get my lunch ready

1:05pm Put a movie/show on for the girls (Veggie Tales, Sofia the first, Doc Mcstuffins, etc)until nap time. (This is not always how we do things)

1:10pm Sit down to eat lunch

1:30pm Clean up lunch

1:45pm Check the load of laundry in the dryer, run again if not fully dry.

2pm Get the girls down for nap(at least a 10 minute process)

2:20pm Start warming bottles. Babies should be waking up soon.

2:25pm Avery gets up saying she slept (yeah right!) put Avery back in bed

2:30pm I try and finish some blogging since babies are still sleeping

2:55pm Wake babies to change diapers

3pm Feed babies

Sometimes Avery likes to help! Only lasts 5 minutes!

Sometimes Avery likes to help! Only lasts 5 minutes!

3:30pm Girls wake up from nap(time varies)

3:35pm Babies finish eating. Prop up in boppy pillow/lay on belly for tummy time

3:37pm Get girls a snack

3:40pm Start pumping

A day in the life | 2 months

4pm Finished pumping

4:10pm Have the girls start picking up toys while I sweep the floor. Then we can go outside.

4:40pm Rylee starts fussing. Change her diaper. Still fussing so it must be cuddle time!

A day in the life | 2 months

4:45pm Tell girls to get shoes on. Change Raegans diaper.

4:50pm Skylee wakes up. Change her diaper

5pm Raegan hasn’t found her other shoe so we are still inside

5:15pm Skylee pooped so change her again

5:20pm Finally going outside. Now everyone is happy.

A day in the life | 2 months

5:45pm Start warming bottles

5:55pm Alex gets home(this time varies)

5:58pm Go inside to feed babies

6pm Alex helps me feed the babies

6:30pm Babies are done eating

6:35pm I start pumping

7pm I’m done pumping

7:05pm I start dinner(not what I had planned to cook, I didn’t get my meat laid out early enough so it was still frozen)

What the girls do while I'm cooking!

What the girls do while I’m cooking!

The babies hanging out in kitchen while I cook.(only if Alex isn't home yet)

The babies hanging out in kitchen while I cook.(only if Alex isn’t home yet)

7:30pm Get the girls started on eating

7:40pm Alex and I sit down and eat

7:55pm Skylee starts fussing. Change diaper and cuddle for a bit
Alex changes Rylee and plays with her for a bit

8:15pm Alex puts Rylee in swing for a quick nap

8:20pm Skylee is ready for a short nap

8:30pm Alex starts getting the girls ready for bed

8:35pm I go start cleaning kitchen and washing bottles and pump parts

A day in the life | 2 months A day in the life | 2 months

9pm Alex puts girls to bed

9:05pm Alex starts warming bottles

9:15pm I’m finally done cleaning

9:20pm Babies are ready to eat. We change diapers and put them in a sleeper for bed

9:25pm We start feeding babies

9:55pm They finish eating. We either hold them for a bit or do some tummy time until they are ready to go to bed

10pm Alex heads to the office to get some work done

10:15pm I start pumping while I wait for babies to be ready for bed

Babies are fussing throughout this time

10:35pm I finish pumping. Add an ounce to their bottles and offer it to them. Skylee finishes and falls asleep, but Rylee was not too interested so I quit offering the bottle but still fussier than usual.

10:45pm Give Rylee some gripe water for her tummy. Head back to the living room and she spits up all over.

10:48pm Alex cleans up the spit up on the floor

10:50pm Change Rylees sleeper. She falls asleep minutes after.

11:05pm Move girls to the bassinet in our room

11:10pm I start getting ready to shower. Rylee wakes up and fusses so I give her back the binky. I brush my teeth while I wait to see what Rylee is going to do, she fusses again so I change her position and she goes right back to sleep.

11:15pm I take my shower

11:30pm I get in bed hoping to get more sleep than the night before and start a similar day all over again!

This is just how this day went. Our evenings are never the same at this time (can’t wait for them to be on a regular daily schedule) it all depends on what time they wake up in the morning.

As I look at our day in hindsight, I see many places where I could have made improvements. Maybe I could have gotten some extra cuddle time with the babies, done additional tummy time, played more with the older girls…but I can confidently say we’re doing what we can… trying to be all that we can be in our family!

*I didn’t get all of Raegans diaper changes documented, holding the twins, bathroom breaks, etc…so please don’t judge me!


5 thoughts on “A day in the life | 2 months

  1. You’re a great mommy and you have wore me out just reading your blog. You just do what you can and the rest will just have to wait. Babies won’t stay small for long, so just enjoy it and soon enough you’d be wishing they were babies again 🙂

  2. Your kids are so gorgeous! Im very jealous of your girls! Those blond curls, OMG. All of my kids are boys, so whenever I see lil girls I sigh a little inside!

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