What a week…

I am still working on my “A day in the life” post.  I didn’t have a typical day all last week.  I did try to start it one day and only wrote down what happened between 5am-9:45am!  Things can get busy or crazy or both very quickly around here!

So in the meantime here is what we have been up to lately…

On Monday Avery went to her friend Rowen’s house for a play date!  She was picked up around 10am and came home around 4:45pm.  So since I was one kid short I didn’t have a typical day.  It was actually a very easy-going day!  No sister fights to break up or a 3yr old fighting her nap and having to put back in bed 2-3 times, but she was missed by all of us!  When she got home she told me a little bit about her day and said she had fun, but then asked if she could stay at my house!  I think she missed us too!


Tuesday I scheduled the girls a haircut.  They were in desperate need of a cut, it had been almost 2 1/2 months and I usually do haircuts every 6 weeks for them.  Gotta keep those curls under control!  So grandma came over to watch the twins and I took the girls to eat lunch and then head over to the salon for their haircut.

photo 5 (2)

On Wednesday the hubby asked if I was going to be able to go pick up the twins birth certificates for the insurance through his work.  I have forgotten to do this for a good week if not two!  Well the hubby had perfect timing when he called, the babies had been fed and I had just finished pumping.  If I was going to go I decided right then was the best time.  So I got everyone loaded up and we headed on over.

Solo trip with the girls!

Solo trip with the girls!

With the help of my 3 year old I took all four girls in and within 5 minutes we were done and getting back in the car.

These girls love their babies!

These girls love their babies!

Thursday we had a typical morning/afternoon.  In the late afternoon grandma stopped by to let the girls know she bought them a swing set, along with new outfits for the twins, and pjs for the girls!  Can we say spoiled!!

Avery says "This is amazing!"

Avery says “This is amazing!”

Friday I was needing to take a side dish up to our church by 10am, I decided I might as well get the girls out since it was going to be a nice day and we would go play at the park.  So while I was feeding the twins/pumping I texted my mom to see if she was available.  She replied that she would be over by 9:45am. Once my mom got here she decided to stay home with the twins since it was still a little cool outside.  So I got the girls loaded up and after we dropped the food off at the church we headed over to the park.  We came back home just in time to feed babies!

naked babies!

naked babies!

Saturday the hubby had a photo shoot to do at 8:45am and I wanted to take the girls to the parade in our town at 10am.  My morning was a little crazy that day but we still managed to get over to our sister-in-laws parents house to watch the parade.  I did have to interrupt the twins feeding to get over there on time, but had my mom to help finish feeding Rylee and my sister-in-laws sister/friend who happily helped finish feeding Skylee so I could be with the girls for the parade.  Avery was all about it but wanted me nearby and Raegan was a little unsure.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

After the parade we headed back home and Alex and his brother went to pick up the swing set that grandma had bought.

Sunday was the twins baby dedication at our church.  The dedication was going to be at the beginning of the second service so we decided to go to Sunday School and then stay for the second service.  It ended up being a good thing that we were going to the second service instead of the first because I had a long night.  Getting up twice in the night, once for Raegan, and then of course the twins feeding and my pumping, which makes for a rough night of interrupted sleep.

IMG_4195 (1)

After church we decided to go out to eat with the family.  It ended up just being with the brother-in-law and sister-in-law with their three kids.  So of course its crazy when you have seven kids in a restaurant (2- 3yr olds, 23 month old, 17 month old, 2- 8 week babies, and a 2 week old baby) add that in with the lack of sleep…

As we were leaving I was holding Raegan, Alex had the twins of course, Avery was helping her little cousin, and I was the last one out the door.  Well I’m looking up and noticing that I only see three of my four kids, I look at Alex and sister-in-law and ask “Where’s Raegan” they both look at me like “what?” I look behind me thinking I needed to go back inside cause I forgot a kid only to realize that I’m holding her!  Alex looks at me and says “you’re holding her” and thinking “did you really just ask that?!”  How could I forget that I was holding a 20lb toddler on my hip??

Sorry for the random ramblings of our previous week!


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