Seven years later…

Today marks the 7th wedding anniversary for the hubby and I.  There has been so many great things happen in these last seven years, and the best ones have happened within the last three years!  I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.
We have recently laughed about how our lives are right now and how we imagined them seven years ago.  When you date for six years, then engaged for one year, you have a lot of time to discuss how many kids you plan to have!  Well we decided we wanted two kids, one boy and one girl, or for me personally I would have loved boy/girl twins the first time and be done!  Well I guess God had other plans!  Now, here we are with four beautiful little girls and we wouldn’t change it for anything!
I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who has become the best daddy to our girls!
Love you babe, Happy Anniversary!1929924_505821883877_6688_n 1929576_505712188707_2120_n 22764_526484101627_6266885_n 254828_10150187930348404_1590417_n 308769_577740438517_747845847_n 523810_10150790494253404_2085031125_n 8845_10151498509528404_734650085_n 2014-07-28-060



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