34 weeks


Thanks to the amazing chiropractor I see, the babies were in the head down position. I checked their position on Saturday night (I have a fetal heart doppler) and their hearts were around my belly button(which is pretty low these days) and I checked again on Monday night and baby A was so much lower than before.    Last week I had a few people telling me that my belly had dropped, but I personally wasn’t noticing a difference,  this week I have had quite a few people tell me that I have dropped and this week I can tell a difference.  With baby A being in the head down position already and then getting lower within a few days I could feel it!  I was all the sudden feeling more pressure and my belly practically sits in my lap now!  This would also explain why my shirts that were still fitting are barely covering the belly!  As of yesterday I am thinking baby B has gotten herself back in the transverse position or possibly even breech.  As long as baby A stays down I will be happy, but we will find out for sure what these girls have done at our next appointment.
34 weeks

34 weeks

Total weight gain: 36+lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes, what still fits!
Sleep: Pretty good even with all the adjusting throughout the night.
Best moment this week:  The hubby having an extra day off!  Getting more stuff finished up before the twins arrive!
Miss Anything? Not hurting all the time.  I get uncomfortable so easily these days.
Movement: Their movements are getting slower but stronger.  They are running out of room!
Food cravings: Nothing really.
Labor Signs:. Still just Braxton hicks.
Symptoms:  Lots of pressure due to baby A being so low, rash on lower belly, sensitive skin on belly from skin stretching more than ever before, some very light swelling(trying to stay hydrated to prevent it but the heat is no help!), a sore tailbone, and I’m sure there’s more!
Looking forward to: Avery’s 3rd birthday party!  Once we get past her birthday these twins are welcome to come at any time, I will be 35 weeks the day after her birthday!
Just for fun here is another belly comparison to my other pregnancies!
twin belly comparison

What a big difference!!


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