33 weeks

This week we went in for another Dr. appointment with a growth scan on the babies.  Let me start off with how my morning went…

At 4am I woke up from a dream, in my dream I was in labor and walking around with contractions, well when I woke up I was still feeling those contractions, the kind that wrap all the way around(a true contraction)!  Let me just say I was not prepared for that!  I get up and use the bathroom, head to the kitchen to get some fresh water(contraction starting to ease up), and head back to bed to lay on my left side and drink my water. Sometimes contractions are brought on by dehydration and last week was full of fun outings so I hadn’t been getting in my typical gallon a day of water.  As I am laying there I have two more contractions, so after each one I would just drink some water in hopes that it would help and the contractions would stop.  I eventually fell back asleep but didn’t sleep well at all, waking up numerous times and each time I would wake up I just felt crampy.  When I did finally wake for the day I still didn’t feel normal but at least the contractions had stopped.

So jump to the Dr. appointment…  I have my ultrasound first for the growth scan on the babies.  As soon as I lay back my lower back starts aching, making me not feel so good and very uncomfortable, this continued throughout my whole appointment.  During the growth scan we found out these girls have turned and are back to being transverse(sideways), ornery little things!  Other than that they are growing great and still concordant with each other.  We don’t have any pics this week because they are getting so big its almost impossible to get a good image.

Here are their stats:

Baby A: 4lbs – HB 155

Baby B: 3lbs 15oz – HB 156

I then have my appointment with my OB and she asks if I have had any contractions.  So I told her about my morning and how I had been feeling ever since I had the contractions(which she agreed were definitely true contractions).  This gave her enough concern to check my cervix for dilation.  Thankfully there was no dilation!  This gives me hope that I will be able to make it a few more weeks if not all the way to 38 weeks!  Other than that she said to come back in two weeks unless I start having more contractions, then she wants to see me next week.

Belly measurement: 39 weeks!
Total weight gain: 36lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes.  My wardrobe is shrinking!!  I am outgrowing my clothes!
Sleep: Not bad.
Best moment this week:  Hearing that I haven’t started to dilate!
Miss Anything? Being able to bend down, I told the hubby if its not important I’m not picking it up!  Being able to see my toes without leaning forward, doing anything without getting winded(it doesn’t take much these days!), and the list just goes on and on!
Movement: Still lots of movement!  Sometimes it hurts though :/
Food cravings: Nothing really.  I have things that sound good but I don’t have to have it so I don’t consider it a craving!
Labor Signs:. Lots of Braxton hicks. Those few contractions I had the other morning.
Symptoms:  Pelvic pain(Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction), very, very tender stretching belly, and shortness of breath (due to the fact my lungs are getting squished in there)
Looking forward to: The 4th of July and my oldest daughters 3rd birthday!  After next weekend I will be okay with these babies coming at any time!

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