31 weeks

It is so nice to finally be in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  Although it comes with more worries for me…getting everything done before babies get here, hoping babies don’t come too early(we continue to give this to God and trust that they will come when He has planned for them to come), and the biggest concern of mine…is that the babies will be in head down position so I don’t have to have a c-section.

Well this week I had another Dr. appointment and was given some GREAT news!!  During my ultrasound, which was just a quick one…getting heart beats and measuring amniotic fluid, we found out that baby A is head down, YAY!!  Baby B is very close to being head down but they still consider her transverse, she is kind of wrapped around baby A, their heads and butts are together but she is still somehow laying sideways!  Now we just need baby A to stay head down the next couple of weeks and baby B to get head down.  Oh, and for those who still think their is a boy in there, the ultrasound tech confirmed that they are still for sure girls!!  We go back in two weeks for another growth scan!  My doctor is so pleased with how well my pregnancy has gone so far and hopefully will continue to go well.  I know a big part in this is all the wonderful people who have been praying for me and the babies throughout this entire pregnancy, which is greatly appreciated!  Here are their stats and photos:

Baby A: HB 167

Baby B: HB 153

31 weeks

Baby A

31 weeks

Baby B

Belly measurement: 37 weeks!
Total weight gain: 34lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes, what still fits!
Sleep: As good as can be expected.
Best moment this week:  Getting to see the babies on the ultrasound! Plus the good news of baby A being head down!
Miss Anything? Being comfortable!
Movement: Still lots of movement!  Sometimes it hurts though :/
Food cravings: Nothing really.
Labor Signs:. Still just Braxton hicks.
Symptoms:  Pelvic pain(Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction), very tender stretching belly, and shortness of breath (due to the fact my lungs are getting squished in there)
Looking forward to: Our baby shower this weekend!

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