30 weeks


30 weeks

30 weeks

Total weight gain: 26+lbs
Maternity clothes? So my belly is getting so big that some of my maternity shirts are no longer covering the belly!  Also, some of the hubby’s shirts are getting too short for the belly…
Sleep: Its hit and miss these days.  If I’m exhausted I seem to sleep good, I even slept through one of the girls waking up and the hubby going to check on them! That’s rare for me since the monitor is on my side.
Best moment this week:  Avery walking by bumped her head into my belly, stops, rubs my belly and says sorry babies!  She is really loving her babies these days.  Always wants to rub them to wake them up and says they laugh at her!
Miss Anything? Being able to sit without discomfort, stand for more than a few minutes without my belly hurting or needing to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes!
Movement: Still lots of movement!  It is now where you can see anytime they move if you watch my belly.
Food cravings: Nothing really.
Labor Signs:. Just Braxton hicks this week.
Symptoms:  Pelvic pain(Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction), very tender stretching belly, some headaches (could be from dehydration, this week was rough with a very special family member passing away, due to being out I didn’t get in near enough water)
Looking forward to: Our next OB appt. and hoping we continue to get good reports on both me and the babies!

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