29 weeks | Baby update

I have officially hit every two week appointments. Yay! My doctor was excited that I have almost hit 30 weeks(3 more days)!  The next goal is 34 weeks, which I would be happy to meet, and move on to the final goal of 37-38 weeks!  As far as my appointment goes all things are going great. Good blood pressure, weight gain, and of course no major preterm labor signs. My only restriction for now is to not lift/hold the girls unless I’m sitting. We will see how that goes!

As far as the babies go they are doing great!  It is getting much harder to see them on the ultrasound now that they are getting bigger. It’s hard to distinguish what is what and who is who!  Baby A is measuring in at 2lb 10oz and baby B is 2lb 12oz which is perfect for twins!  They call that concordant growth meaning they are growing at the same rate which is what we want. Here are their stats and the only photo we could get:

Baby A: HB 161

Baby B: HB 146


29 weeks | Baby update

Baby B’s foot on Baby A’s head!


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