Second Trimester in Review

I am so excited that the 2nd trimester is over and the last one is here! What a smooth and wonderful pregnancy this has been so far, minus the aches and pains!

Here is 2nd trimester in review…

At 16 weeks I started feeling the babies move.

19 weeks we found out we are expecting two girls!

20 weeks I was able to see the babies move, not just feel it!

24 weeks I hit the “viability” milestone. With the scares of twins coming early, this is a big milestone as if they were born then, they would have a chance of survival with lots of help from the NICU.

24 weeks is also when I started getting pretty physically uncomfortable.

25 weeks we officially named the babies! (Although we had the names picked out for weeks, but we wanted to be sure that’s what we wanted!)

27 weeks I started having contractions along with the Braxton hicks


Just for fun here is a belly comparison of all my pregnancies! (Sorry I don’t have any 27 week shots of my 2nd pregnancy)

belly comparison




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