27 weeks

27 weeks

27 weeks


I had my OB appointment this week. I did the glucose test and I passed!! Otherwise it was a pretty quick in and out appointment. The Doctor went over some early labor signs and stressed to call if I notice anything different or have any of the preterm labor symptoms. She also measured my belly which was measuring at 29 weeks. I go back in two weeks and the babies will have a growth scan done to see how well they are growing.
I also stopped at the chiropractor because I was very sore when I walked. I immediately felt better after the adjustment. Still sore but that’s to be expected when you’re carrying two babies!
Total weight gain: 26lbs wow what a jump in weight gain!  Can I blame part on the babies having a growth spurt?!
Maternity clothes? Maternity for sure and when at home the hubby’s tshirts!
Sleep: Some insomnia, but otherwise it’s been good, we’ll except that it’s very hard and uncomfortable to move positions.
Best moment this week:  My oldest Avery asked my hubby if it was time for the babies to come out. After he told her that it wasn’t time for them to come yet she replied with “I think mommy wants them to come out”!
Miss Anything? Being able to move without it hurting.
Movement: Always!
Food cravings: Donuts of all things!  Not a bad enough craving to get any though!  Peanut M&M’s which I have given in to!  Peanuts are healthy for you right?!
Labor Signs:. Contractions. For a good hour I had contractions every three minutes. After calling the nurse I was told to take it easy and rest as much as possible, but if it started up again then to go into L&D. Braxton hicks.
Symptoms:  Pelvic pain(Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction), Occasional heartburn/reflux
Looking forward to: Our next OB appt. we get a growth scan on the babies!

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