26 weeks

So my funny comment for this week was…
I was shopping at Lowe’s with my hubby and girls.  Hubby had the girls while I stood in line to pick up an online order, standing behind me was an older couple who took notice of the very large belly I’m sporting these days!  After I get my order and start to leave to find the hubby, the gentleman turns to me and asks if I could do him a favor…um okay…He then tells me if I had my baby while in the store if I would name it Lowe’s.  I just replied with a friendly laugh considering I am no where near my due date!  I then had a Lowe’s employee stop me and ask when my due date was and guessing that it was some time soon,  I kindly replied saying the end of July, its twins, and yes I’m huge!  She then tells me that for twins I looked small…It’s okay people I know I am big!
Total weight gain: 18+lbs
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity.
Sleep: Some! The past week I have found myself wide awake at 2am- starving. So, I have to go eat a granola bar or two to get me through and I’ll fall back asleep.  Then there are the leg cramps that have started, hitting anywhere between 3am-5am, and let me tell you those are no fun!  I have to wake the hubby to help massage it out and then the next morning I wake up with an incredibly sore calf.  Trying to get in more Gatorade to help…
Best moment this week: Getting the nursery painted!
Miss Anything? The ease of getting comfortable!  I am officially to the point where I am never comfortable.
Movement: Non stop!  If its not one its the other or its both!
Food cravings: None really
Labor Signs: I have had some uncomfortable Braxton hicks, some pressure, and what some women describe as lightening bolts to the vagina(sorry if TMI)!  Not sure if these are just kicks/punches from baby or some form of contraction, but I had them with my first and second pregnancy so nothing new to me.
Symptoms:  Having to pee all day long,  a heavy belly causing discomfort, and being hot(partly my own fault…I haven’t broke down and turned the air on)!
Looking forward to: Our upcoming doctors appointment

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