23 weeks | Baby update

This week I had a routine checkup with my OB’s nurse practitioner.  I was first sent to get an ultrasound.  The tech checked my cervix first, then took measurements of the babies, listened to their heart rates, and also checked the fluid levels in each sac.  Everything was looking good, baby A is measuring in at 1lb 5oz and baby B is 1lb 4oz which is perfect for twins!  They are almost too big to see together on the screen now!  Here are their stats and photos:

Baby A: HB 156

Baby B: HB 152

Baby A

Baby A

Baby B

Baby B


During my appt with the nurse practitioner she measured my belly, I asked how far ahead do twins usually measure and she said it could be up to 4 weeks ahead!  Well my measurements were 27 weeks!  I go back in another 4 weeks and also get to do the glucose test.  I am not looking forward to doing this test.  I have never failed one before and if you fail you have to go back for a 3 hour test, which is no fun per all my friends who have had to do it.  I have heard with twins you are at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, and is why I am really hoping I don’t fail and will not have to make any major changes to my current diet.  I am still trying to take it easy, not an easy thing to do with two toddlers, and staying well hydrated, I found out with twins I need a minimum of 128oz of fluid a day!  That is a ton of fluid, but most needs to be water and I am getting about 100oz of water on a good day.  Well, that pretty much sums up everything going on with the babies and I for this week!


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