22 weeks

Just a tip when you are talking to a pregnant woman carrying twins…Do NOT compare them to another pregnant woman who is only carrying one baby and is also a few weeks behind.  Let me just say from personal experience, we feel big enough as it is and this only makes us feel huge!!

OK, back to the weekly update…

Total weight gain: 12lbs but will find out at upcoming Dr. appt. how much more I have gained!
Maternity clothes? Some
Sleep: Could be better!  I wake up in the middle of the night with some major discomforts. Which is making it harder to change positions.
Best moment this week: Going to a consignment sale and saving so much money!  We were able to get an Arms reach co sleeper, double stroller, jumparoo, and a bouncer for so much less and in great condition.
Miss anything? Being able to move without discomfort or the belly getting in the way!
Movement:  All the time!
Food cravings: Mexican
Gender: Girls!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks
Symptoms: Round ligament pain. It is so much worse with twins and it drives me crazy!
Wedding rings on or off? Off/on depends on the day!
Looking forward to: Getting our older girls car seats installed in the new vehicle (we bought new ones) so we can get them out of the office/future nursery, getting some new shelving for the garage to help get everything organized; so we can get more things out of the office/nursery, painting the nursery, organizing the baby clothes, and the list just goes on and on!  My poor husband!

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