20 weeks

Photo from BabyCenter.com

Photo from BabyCenter.com | Twins at 20 weeks


Total weight gain: 10lbs
Maternity clothes? Some
Sleep: Pretty good lately
Best moment this week: Watching baby B move all over my belly.  I can’t believe I can already see it, not just feel it!
Miss Anything? Not really pregnancy related but being able to use my right hand.  My thumb is still healing from my cut and I am still having to keep it wrapped up.  It is healing much faster than expected so I’m hoping within the next week I can just use a large band aid.
Movement:  Oh yes, all the time!
Food cravings: Nothing really
Gender: Girls!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks. I have had one or two here and there since 15 weeks, but this week I had them throughout the day on Tuesday and then they started up again on Wednesday. With twins they take even Braxton hicks seriously and I was told at my last doctors appointment to call in if I had more than a few in a day. So on Wednesday afternoon I finally called and the nurse said to go to labor and delivery if I had more than 5 in an hour.  Well I had 6-7 in an hour so we headed to labor and delivery, just to be safe. Turned out that there was no dilation and I was just told to take it easy. We are so thankful that everything was still good and that I just need to slow down, God is good!
Symptoms: None
Wedding rings on or off? Off but mainly because I can’t get it on/off with my sore thumb!
Looking forward to: Warmer weather!  I am so tired of winter and my girls would love to be able to go outside on a regular basis.

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