18 weeks

Well this week didn’t end so well. On Thursday afternoon I cut my finger on a food slicer. I should have been using the hand guard and I didn’t, which resulted in my hand sliding right off the onion and onto the blade cutting my thumb!  Ouch!!  I called my mom as soon as it happened, I knew she would be home, and I knew it was too bad to bandage myself. As soon as my mom took a look she confirmed that yes it was bad and that we needed to leave ASAP, I was also as pale as a ghost from all the blood loss. We quickly got the girls ready and headed out.

We went to an urgent care walk in clinic and my dad and little sister met us and took the girls back home, I am so thankful to have family nearby.  I was greeted with a wheelchair and taken right back to an exam room. They confirmed how far along I was and then took my vitals before getting started on my wound. My blood pressure was very low 108/40.   Then they took a look at the cut and the doctor said it was worse than she thought, followed by you hit a vein or an artery.

Long story short they had to use some kind of gel to seal the wound and wrap it with gauze.  So I have a big white fat finger for a few days!

Thumbs up!

Total weight gain: 5lb

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Sleep: Good

Movement: Lots of movement this week!

Gender: Find out in a few days!

Food cravings: Still ice cream

Symptoms: Itchy skin, cramping(stretching)

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to: Finding out the genders!


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