First Trimester in Review

Here were the basics of my first 13 weeks…

Morning sickness?  Some but only occasionally and sometimes was brought on by being hungry!  With my first two pregnancies I had some nausea but nothing horrible so I was thankful that this was even less.  I have read that with twins, morning sickness is often worse than that of a singleton pregnancy.
HUNGER! I really haven’t been eating a ton like you would expect but I have woken up in the middle of the night starving!  I was not about to get up at 4am to eat so I would muscle my way through it and go back to sleep!  So to prevent waking up starving I try to make sure I get a snack in before bed.

Weight gain: Surprisingly only 4lbs so far!  I often feel overwhelmed at the unbelievable weight gain that is expected with twins.  24 lbs by 24 weeks is a good goal, as it is most important to gain weight earlier in the pregnancy than later.

Fatigue: I was absolutely exhausted every day. I at first assumed this was just from keeping up with my girls (2 years and 15 months).  Once I found out it was twins I could definitely tell I had two babies and two placentas forming with in me, as I had to take a nap almost every day.  Having twins takes a lot out of you!

Emotions: Very quick to cry at almost anything, this is rare for me!

I feel so blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy so far and pray daily that God will continue to bless this pregnancy.


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