My first appointment…

This appointment was just an interview appointment, first talk with the insurance lady, second talk with a nurse and go over family history, and third blood work.

While I was talking with the nurse and finishing up that part of the interview she said before I went to blood work she would like to try to use the Doppler to hear baby’s heartbeat.  I of course was so glad to hear this; I did not want to leave without hearing a heartbeat!  So we head to an exam room with the Doppler and the nurse reminds me that since I was 10w2d that it might or might not pick up the heartbeat.  So she begins to move it around on my lower abdomen and for a second thinks she found it but then it was gone, she continues to try to search, and tried for at least five minutes before giving up.  She then suggests getting the small ultrasound machine to see if that would work, again I am totally fine with this as I was eager to hear the heartbeat as well.  She starts moving it around and still isn’t getting anything, at this point I just keep reminding myself that I am early enough in my pregnancy that it wouldn’t work and there was no need to worry.  She then suggests that we just go to the ultrasound room and have an experienced tech do an ultrasound.

So off we go…

I had not even looked up at the screen yet and the ultrasound tech says “Well there are two”, immediately I look up and at first only see one but then she moved it and there they were two babies!  I am laying there in disbelief/shock and then I am filled with joy and excitement.  She determines that they were in separate sacs so fraternal twins and moves on to get the heartbeats.  Both have good heartbeats.  Stats were as follows:

Baby A: HB 172

Baby B: HB 169

I was then given the images of the ultrasound and sent on my way with Congratulations!  So my nurse and I head back to her office and she is so excited for me.  She asked me what I was feeling and I said “Well I always said my limit was three”.  She then replied with “Well it is only three pregnancies!”

So I am then sent to get my blood work done.  The nurse doing my blood work asked if this was my first pregnancy, I replied “No, it’s my third, and I just found out its twins!” She was so excited for me and said I was her first patient with twins, then asked if I had ultrasound pictures and if she could see them.  I just loved how everyone I talked to that day was so excited for me.  Then I went to check out and get my next appointment setup to see my OB in one week.

Now, since I was at this appointment alone I knew I didn’t want to tell my hubby the news over the phone, but I also knew I wouldn’t want to wait until 6:30pm when he gets home from work.  So I immediately got on the phone and called him and asked what he was doing for lunch.  He originally had plans to meet up with a friend and I jumped in and said well I want to come eat lunch with you and reminded him that I am more important!  So he agreed and I went to pick up our two girls and we then went straight to hubby’s work.  I was definitely still in shock cause on my way I would randomly start laughing, I have always wanted twins and it does run in my family, but at this point I think I had kind of given up on the idea.  Once we arrive at hubby’s work he met me outside to help with the girls, and then we walked in to his building to his desk for him to close out his computer while he was gone for lunch.  I was too excited to wait any longer so I asked him if he wanted to see a picture of his baby, he looks at me with a smile and says sure.  I gave him the ultrasound pictures (first picture is baby A, second is baby B, and the third is the both of them together) he opens it and looks at the first, then the second, and then sees the third and quickly looks at me and says Really?!?!  We are both extremely excited and truly blessed by God.

10 Weeks - Baby A & Baby B

10 Weeks – Baby A & Baby B

10 weeks - Baby A

10 weeks – Baby A

10 weeks - Baby B

10 weeks – Baby B

Next post I will fill you in on how I’ve been feeling and my appointment with the OB doctor….


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